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The Coldest Water Bottle with Amazing Features

Eco Friendly Water Bottle

The Coldest Water Bottle with Amazing Features

Looking for a high-quality water bottle? Don’t think about reusable plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are available all around. Buy bottled water and you will see it in plastic. According to the reports, plastic bottle production is 50 billion in the USA and around 40 billion bottles are dumped into landfills. This is an alarming situation which brings our attention towards other alternatives. When talking about the user and environment-friendly water bottles, it comes to stainless steel coldest water bottles.  This is a famous brand offered by The Coldest Water. Here are some unique attributes of buying these quality water bottles.

A Lifelong Companion:

Unlike plastic bottles, the coldest bottle is a lifelong companion. It is a highly durable water bottle which has the lowest deterioration rate. It is abrasion, temperature and scratch resistant. This feature makes it ideal for the users working or living in different types of environments. Whether you bring the coldest water bottle for hiking, adventure, workout or travel, it will be your best friend everywhere.


Eco Friendly Coldest Water Bottle

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Vacuum Seal Storage:

The coldest bottle is among the top rated water containers with the vacuum seal. This vacuum seal provides airtight storage. This directly prevents the entry and growth of germs inside. On the other hand, it doesn’t have pores in the skin. This feature keeps the dangerous microorganisms out of the bottle.

Leak Proof:

As a matter of fact, it is a stainless steel water bottle with the airtight seal. Combination of these two factors makes it ideal for different purposes. Travelers packing the coldest bottle in travel bags are no longer required to take tension about leaking. No doubt, it has a handle which offers easy carrying but you can place it inside the bag with digital gadgets such as mobile phone or laptop. We ensure that you will not find any leakage even sweat on the outer surface of the coldest bottle. The problem of sweat on the exterior is a risk. People who have this water bottle enjoy No-Sweat Technology which keeps the exterior dry whether the bottle is filled with ice cubes.


Eco Friendly Water Bottle

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Perfect For All Types of Drinks:

Whether it is a hot or cold drink, the coldest water bottle will keep it according to your expectations. It has a tendency to maintain coldness for 36 hours. Similarly, it can keep the drinks such as tea or coffee hot for several hours. There is no effect of external temperatures on the performance of coldest bottle.

Fits Everywhere:

The coldest bottles are available with a remarkable feature of getting fit everywhere. Whether you keep it with your bike, car cup holder or in the side pocket of the backpack, it will rest easily. There is no need to have a special holder for it. Don’t forget to screw-top lid in order to avoid spills and leaks. Bikers and runners looking for the easy handling should prefer coldest water bottle. It has a lid with straw which enables the bikers and runners to drink water with a single hand. Would you like to get more details? Visit The Coldest Water online store immediately to find further technical specifications.


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