With the New year, what better way to start it then with a new resolution! Pledge TODAY to drink only water for 60 days skipping out on soda or Alcohol.


Drink just water for 60 days.
No Soda.
No Alcohol.

15 Winners will be chosen to receive a 64oz Coldest Water Bottle on February 17th (at random).


1. Sign up here
2.  Post Your Pledge: We believe in writing our goals down, to make things official, feel free to download our pledge card or write it down somewhere at home.
Download the Coldest Pledge card and sign and date:
If you start past December 17, your pledge would just end from the date that you start.
3. Post your pledge! Take a picture of you holding your pledge card and post this to your instagram feed, twitter feed, or our facebook community group with the hashtag @thecoldestwater and the #coldest60
4. Share your story from today (December 17 to February 17). Share your highs, share your lows and all the moments in between on the progress towards your pledge but don’t forget to tag us so we can cheer and support you on. This also will help you stay accountable. (please note, our tracking system does also track the #coldest60 and files them as submissions).
5. To be eligible to win the free 64oz, you must have a pledge posted with the hashtag #coldest60 so our system can pick it up.
6. If your unable to print the Coldest pledge card, feel free to create your own! Just remember to include #coldest60 and proof of the date (December 17 – February 17). Coldest Pledge Examples below!

Coldest 60 Challenge Time Left