Water Bottle Brush

Works effectively in scrubbing tea stain out of stainless steel water bottles – highly recommended!

I like to drink hot tea all day long, so I have a number of stainless steel water bottles. Unfortunately, sometimes, I forget to dump the tea before I go to sleep, so the overnight tea in the water bottle ending up stain my water bottles very badly, so I ended up buying more and more new water bottles.

I have been looking for a brush that would work effectively in removing tea stain from the water bottle, but I have not been able to find any until this one.

The long brush in this set is designed in a way that the brush is facing one side and it allows applying pressure to scrub the stain off the bottle. It’s a simple idea, but it works great – none of the long brushes I bought before had this design, thus, none of them worked – they were too soft to do the job or did not allow me to scrub the inside of water bottles.

What I need is to add one tablespoon of baking soda and use this brush to scrub the stain off the water bottle. It works beautifully – I have not seen my water bottle this shining clean for a long time. I cannot be happier. The material of the handle is strong and sturdy.

There are 2 other brushes in this set – one short one is good for cleaning the lid of the water bottles. I don’t use reusable straws, but the tiny brush is just perfect to clean my stainless steel peelers. The tiny brush is small enough to go in between blades. In addition, I also use the tiny brush to clean my funnel – it’s really handy after I use the funnel to load the cooking oil into a smaller bottle – this tiny brush is the only brush that can clean the funnel with soap to remove the grease inside the narrow part of the funnel.

There is also a ring to lock 3 of these brushes together – a nice feature, so I don’t lose any of the little ones. The ring is easy to unblock if needed. The brushes can be removed from the ring anytime.

Overall, I think these brushes are wonderful to have, especially if you use your stainless water bottle to drink tea – this is a must-have to remove the tea stain in the water bottle – I wish I have found this earlier, so I don’t end up buying so many water bottles.

Review By Joset On August 31, 2016

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